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Cibes Lift History

Cibes was founded in 1948 by Bertil Svedberg. It started producing chain-driven hoists with lift cars for loads of 200 kg up to 1000 kg in the 1950s, manufacturing approximately 30 lifts per year under the brand Electroborg.


During the 1960s, Cibes became involved in the sales and installations of accessibility products based on lifting platforms with guardrails.

During the 1970s, Cibes revolutionized the accessibility product market by developing a wheelchair accessible car propelled through the utilization of a tripod-loaded screw rod. By the end of that decade, this wheelchair lift was considered advanced, designed with numerous innovative safety features.

As a result, Cibes products have been highly recommended in buildings managed by the Swedish Work Environment Authority.

Increased sales

Due to local Swedish social reforms and legislation to increase the integration of disabled people into society, Cibes sales increased throughout the 1980s. In 1986, Cibes’ first series of platform lifts were developed, manufactured and sold from its factory in Järbo, Sweden.

With this new successful product line, Cibes started exporting lifts in 1989—initially to Scandinavia, and then in 1996 to the European Community as a whole—with its very successful Cibes A5000 platform lift design series.

In 1999 Cibes Lift was one of the 24 European companies that founded the European Platform and Stairlift Association (EPSA).  Since 2000, Cibes Lift has been exploring new markets in Africa, Middle East, CIS and Asia. Currently, Cibes Lift has been manufacturing approximately 2,500 platform lifts annually.