Home Lift with no pit 100% manufactured in Sweden
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A9000 Key Features

  • Low operating and maintenance costs.
  • Featuring LED lamps on the shaft ceiling as standard.
  • Few moving parts, thus wear and tear is minimal.
  • Short installation time.
  • With a minimum of 2500 mm lifting height between levels.
  • Automatic lubrication system.
  • A cabin designed with a screw-driving mechanism that can be accessed from inside the lift by simply removing a shaft wall panel.
  • Automatic lighting system is standard.
  • Enclosed lift car that can be customized to individual specifications.
  • Sealed drive unit ensures virtually silent operation.
  • Delivered with its own shaft (painted white steel as standard).
  • Frequency converter 3 x 400 VAC included as standard.
  • With low operating costs and low power consumption.
  • With a rated load of 630 kg or 7 users, as standard.
  • A 100 mm floor recess required for installation.
  • Delivered in small packages to ease access to the building site.
  • Powder coated sliding doors as standard.
  • Certified product that complies with European security and quality standards.