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Cibes platform lifts are the perfect solution for private homes, complex flats and villas; they provide you with convenience, comfort and increase the value of the property. Their special no-pit design allows installation in existing buildings. Compared with the conventional traction and hydraulic elevators, our products are more suitable for private homes and small-scale business places. They are the safest lifts with the lowest costs of installation, use and maintenance. All the lifts are entirely pre-fabricated in our modern factory in Galve, Sweden.

A5000 – is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use with 7 available dimensions to choose from.

A4000 – is the smallest lift that is specially designed for places with limited space.

A7000 – is equipped with decorative mirrors to cater to a customer’s aesthetic design preference.

Cibes stair lifts include A8000 heavy load lift rated for maximum load of 1000kg.