Home Lift with no pit 100% manufactured in Sweden
Phone: +63 2 624 1000 (Mon – Fri, 08:00am – 6:00pm)
Made in Sweden En SV No De Es Fr Pl


Advantages of Cibes lift:

  • Scandinavian design, assurance of safety;
  • Imports from Sweden, Europe home lift standard, assurance of quality
  • Screw-driven lift, no machine room, pit or surrounding construction work required
  • Energy efficient and environmental-friendly with 220V household power supply
  • Floor space of 1m2 for the minimum dimension, utilization of over 75% of the internal space
  • No restriction to top floor ceiling height, half-height door design available
  • Flexible design of door opening in three directions
  • 248 colors available to fit into Asian or Western household style
  • Rapid installation and low cost of maintenance
  • Professional sales team, one-on-one service, trustworthy after-sales service

Value cost products-Cibes No-pit Lift

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Perfect for Circular Staircases An excellent choice for homes with basements and waterproofing concerns For duplex or penthouse apartment owners who want the best home lift solution