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Why Can Cibes Attract so Many Customers?

Cibes Lift can offer you a wide options and excellent service for both new and existing buildings. Lifts are designed for different installation environments including a pit of only 50mm or on the floor with an access ramp.

No pit required: The installation of the Cibes lift can be implemented either in the zero pit situation or a pit of 50mm with an access ramp will be deep enough for the installation. It offers you the best choice for a new house or an existing house.

Self-supporting shaft: The self-supporting shaft of the Cibes lift offers you the option of sightseeing glass on four sides, which increases the daylighting rate in the house.

Small space requirement: The Cibes lift takes up very small space with the minimum footprint as small as 1 m2, and the internal space utilization rate can reach as high as 75%.

Safety and comfort: The Cibes lift adopts the screw-driven system to ensure the stability and safety of the operation.

Environmental-friendly and energy-efficient: The Cibes lift can be supported by the 220V household power supply. The power saving mode will be automatically started in the standby situation and the power consumption is equivalent to that of a household refrigerator.

Various options: The Cibes lift offers options such as door opening in three directions, 248 colors to choose from, a variety of dimensions, which makes it possible for the lift to fit into Chinese and western decoration styles.

Quick installation: The Cibes lift needs no surrounding construction work, thus the installation duration is greatly shortened to about a week.

Low maintenance cost: The low maintenance cost can release your financial stress.

Quality assurance: Scandinavian design, manufacture in Sweden, assurance of quality and safety.