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Cibes Space saving No-pit Home Lift

Top floor penthouses or mid-level duplex homes usually just have the main elevator up to the first front door, but once inside your multi-level apartment, there is virtually no traditional lift that can be installed. With Cibes, small footprint, light weight, no pit, running on regular home electricity and no counterweight, we offer the best solution for these types of homes.

Cibes No-Pit Home Lift

In duplex or penthouse multi-level homes, it is often difficult or generally impossible to install a traditional lift due to considerations for the pit and counterweight issues. Cibes Lift is particularly well suited for this type of environment.

Cibes no-pit, screw driven type elevators are intelligently designed with cutting edge technology. The focus on safety comes from it’s simple, robust and low maintenance drive system. At the weakest point in the drive train, as tested by the Royal Swedish Laboratory, it takes over 10 metric tons to cause failure. This is a lift that is extremely safe going up and down and it simply cannot “fall down”. Significant safety features are built into the lift, including various movement sensors.