cibes home lift new logo

New Cibes Logo 2019!


Cibes is moving up in the world Same company. New look. Ci...

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home elevators

Are You Ready to Install a Home Elevator? Here’s Infor...


If you have trouble moving around your home, you may not have ever ...

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elevator dimensions

Installing a Home Elevator? What You Should Know About Eleva...


A residential elevator can be both an elegant and convenient touch ...

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lift vs elevator

Platform Lift vs Elevator vs Stairlift: What’s the Dif...


When stairs become a challenge but relocating to a single storey is...

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wheelchair elevators

The Benefits of Wheelchair Elevators for Seniors & PWD


Maybe it was just the gradual change that comes with aging, or mayb...

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home lift

5 Benefits to having a Home Lift in Your Home


An in-home elevator may seem like the ultimate luxury -- yet, in re...

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How Cibes Lifts Make Your Home More Accessible to Those With...


In the United States in 2016, over twenty million people were estim...

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Deciding on which type of personal lift in your home needs can be difficult. Read on to find out how to pick the right personal lift for your home.

How to Pick Which Personal Lift is Right For Your Home


Choosing a personal lift for your home is an important decision. ...

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Home elevator

5 Ways Having a Home Elevator Increases Your Villa’s V...


Without a doubt, one of the most novel additions to any home has to...

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Cibes Space saving No-pit Home Lift

Cibes Space saving No-pit Home Lift


Top floor penthouses or mid-level duplex homes usually just have th...

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Simple and Beautiful – Cibes Lift with No Machine Room


In recent years, sightseeing lifts have been adopted in residential...

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Cibes Panoramic Home Lift

Cibes Panoramic Home Lift


Villas and townhouses are becoming taller and narrower, with living...

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