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5 Ways Having a Home Elevator Increases Your Villa’s Value

Without a doubt, one of the most novel additions to any home has to be the elevator.

If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to increase the value of your villa, while widening its appeal to a larger buying market, a home elevator is your answer.

Not only does it make a real style statement, but it’s a practical investment which never loses its value.

If you’re considering the addition of an elevator to your villa, here are the top 5 reasons why you should do so…

Increase the Value of Your Villa with a Home Elevator

Back in the day, standard home elevators were clunky, noisy and half as stylish as they are today.

That being said, they were a novelty back then and still are today. In today’s home market you’ll find two in-home elevator options: screw-driven and traditional.

Traditional elevators for homes are powered by either hydraulics or a counter-weight electric system.

But no elevator provides a smoother ride than the patented screw-driven technology with the shaft crafted with all sides, 360 degrees panaromic glass.

Most houses with elevators use a screw-drive system, as hydraulic systems with piston and oil seals tend to wear out, leak oil and break down over time.

If you’re looking to install your own villa elevator, here are 5 ways it can increase the value of your property:

1. It’s a Convenient Time-Saver

This goes without saying. An in-home elevator is an ideal way to simplify everyday tasks such as shopping, hauling laundry or cleaning around your home.

Additionally, if you’re moving house, re-arranging furniture or remodeling an area of your home, an elevator can do wonders to save time and energy!

2. Saves Floor Space

Villas with elevators actually offer more floor space per square foot than many people realize.

The reality is that a stairwell in your home takes up far more floor space than an elevator, which ultimately decreases your home’s resale value.

Today elevators can be built and installed in such a way that it maximizes all the available space in your home.

They can even be installed on the exterior of your home, without any disruption to your interior space at all.

3. Increases Disability Access

The attraction of houses with elevators is that it opens up the resale of your home to a wider buyer’s market and their needs.

Many wealthier seniors within society would seriously consider a home with an elevator due to the limitations and disabilities that come with older age.

Families who care for elderly parents with a disability would also jump at the opportunity to scoop up a home with an elevator.

With this in mind, installing an elevator can really increase your success rate in a valuable resale of your home.

4. Allows You To Age in Peace

If you have bought a property in which you intend to grow old, then the installation of an elevator could not be more practical.

Other than it adding great value to your home, it allows you to age in place. It offers you complete peace-of-mind and the freedom of mobility you need in years to come.

Essentially, an in-home elevator offers independence and safety as you grow old in your home.

5. It Makes a Style Statement

Two decades ago only the super wealthy featured elevators in their homes. Today, this has changed drastically.

Smaller, more energy efficient and affordable versions are readily available for all walks of life and types of homes.

That being said, having an elevator in your home does make a unique style statement.

There’s no doubt it adds an air of sophistication to your space as home elevators have long been associated with luxury.

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