How Cibes Lifts Make Your Home More Accessible to Those With Disabilities

In the United States in 2016, over twenty million people were estimated to suffer from an ambulatory disability. This affected their ability to walk or climb stairs.

Many of us live in a 2 storey home, and even single-storey homes often have some internal steps. This makes large parts the majority of homes very difficult to access for people with such disabilities. But it is possible to make changes to your home that can vastly improve their accessibility.

Modern lifts no longer require the large pits or machine rooms that made them impractical for use in the home. They are small enough that they can be fitted into most homes without the need for major structural changes.

So read on and discover how Cibes lifts can make your home more accessible to those with disabilities.

Platform Lifts

Platform lifts are similar to cabin lifts, but rather than an entire cabin moving up and down the shaft, it is only the platform that moves.

Since there is no cabin taking up space inside the shaft, it allows platform lifts to take up less room inside your home. The smallest Cibes platform lift has a footprint of just 1 square meter but is still capable of transporting up to three people. In addition, the reduced weight of a platform compared to a cabin means that platform lifts require no floor recess at all.

Easy to install even in small homes, platform lifts are ideal for elderly people who are able to get around their own home but have difficulty dealing with stairs.

Accessibility Lifts

Accessibility lifts are small and are mainly used for allowing access when there are a few steps between different levels in the home.

They are usually unenclosed and have a platform lift mechanism. They are a great lift for disabled in home situations where a few steps need to be traversed. Like larger platform lifts, they do not require any floor recess which makes them easy to install in homes.

They are also very useful for gaining access to a garden or yard if these are inaccessible due to steps.

A Lift Can Save You Having to Move Home

Many of the people who find that through age or injury they are no longer able to tackle the stairs don’t want to have to leave their own homes.

Installing a Cibes lift can allow people with ambulatory disabilities to remain in the place they call home, whilst keeping the whole house accessible to them.

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