How to choose a Sightseeing Lift for a Villa

How to choose a Sightseeing Lift for a Villa

In recent years, sightseeing lift has been adopted in residential villas. To put it simply, a sightseeing lift makes it possible for passengers to enjoy the indoor or outdoor scene in the lift. A small home lift will give you a panoramic view of the surrounding and add tremendous value to the villa.

To meet the needs of different people for lifts of private use, Cibes Lift designs a new model of sightseeing lift. Compared with conventional lift, it has many advantages such as safety, good performance, low price and excellent aftersales maintenance, etc.

Safety is undoubtedly the most important consideration for lift users. Cibes sightseeing lift for villas adopts the advanced screw-driven solution, which makes it much safer than the conventional sightseeing lift. No accident has ever happened during the 40 years since Cibes lifts were first used in Europe.

The Cibes sightseeing lift for villa adopts the simple European style. But the glazed glass shaft on four sides of the lift gives the passenger luxurious comfort and enjoyment. The glass lift integrates itself into the surroundings as if it were just part of the building.

3.Civil construction
The Cibes sightseeing lift owns self-supporting shaft, which means no surrounding construction work is needed in the installation. As for the conventional sightseeing lift with steel girder / beam, a crossbeam is necessary for each height interval of each two meters and one more crossbeam at 2.35m from the floor. The roof of the conventional lift should be made of sunproof aluminum-plastic composite panel.

4.Height of the mechanical room/the top floor
The Cibes sightseeing lift boasts the unique design of no machine room and no requirement to the top floor ceiling height. The conventional sightseeing lift without machine room usually adopts the external design, meaning the minimum ceiling height of the top floor should reach 4.5 m (GB).

5.Pit of the lift
The Cibes sightseeing lift can be installed under zero-pit condition or a pit of 50mm is enough. The conventional sightseeing lift needs a reserved pit of 1.8m deep for the installation.

The Cibes sightseeing lift uses the screw-driven system, which means simple structure and lower maintenance costs. Since September 2014, clients of the Cibes Lift are entitled to three-year free maintenance;

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