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How to Install a Small Lift for private use?

You may plan to install a lift in your house, however, a lot of factors might trouble you. First, an underground garage may stop you from installing a lift since there is no space for a pit. Second, the digging of a pit may cause water leakage even if measures are taken. Third, the top floor ceiling height may not meet the minimum head room at the top landing. With these factors in consideration you may have to give up your plan for a lift. With the Cibes Lift from Sweden, you won’t have to worry about tackling such problems, Cibes features home lifts with no pit and no machine room required.


The following is the preparatory work necessary for the installation of a Cibes lift, which is relatively simple and straightforward as is shown in the picture.

The picture shows that the no-pit Cibes lift can be installed in a duplex apartment and also as well in the interior space of a staircase.

To install a Cibes lift, first of all, make sure whether your reserved space is within the sizes indicated below. The space for the installation of A4000 and A5000 shall be within this range: (A5000 Cibes Guangzhou villa Case)

Decide the size of your reserved space according to various dimensions of the lifts you will choose from. The footprint for A4000 is 993×1200mm. For more references please click on Products.

Size of the interior space of a square-shaped stairs for a lift (mm):


Size of the interior space of a spiral staircase for a lift (mm):


3D chart of full-height door lift in the interior of a staircase:


Chart of half-height door lift for a head room of low ceiling height at top landing:


Once you have reserved enough space for a Cibes lift, all you need to do is to get a 5cm-deep pit ready and no more surrounding construction work is needed. As is shown below:


The appropriate time for the installation of a Cibes lift is when you have finished 90% of your house decoration, right before you put furniture in. The process will take about a week, depending on the site conditions and ceiling heights. Here are some of the real views of our lifts after installation.

Once you choose Cibes Lift, all your worries will be gone. Here are the advantages of using Cibes Lifts: no surrounding construction work is needed; no pit is required, thus there will be no worry about possible water leakage caused by pit digging; and no worry about space limitation for a pit even in the case of having an underground garage. Cibes Lift makes your life easier!

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