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Installing a Home Elevator? What You Should Know About Elevator Dimensions

A residential elevator can be both an elegant and convenient touch to your home. They are currently surging in popularity across the Philippines. Outside of aesthetic and physical advantages, they can also raise your property value.

But installing one can take a lot of planning and coordination. There are many elements of installation that the average homeowner forgets to consider. Prime among these traits are the elevator dimensions.

These measurements must use the space available in your home wisely.

If you’re considering a residential elevator, read on. We’ll talk you through everything you should know about the dimensions of your future home elevator.

A Lift Is For Life!

There are many things to consider when talking about the dimensions of your home lift. Considering not only the present but the future is an important precaution that many homeowners forget to take.

It may be tempting to think of your lift only in terms of your needs today. But when planning elevator size, you should think of the changes your home and family might see in the future. You might need an elevator that can fit children and pets in the future, or more individuals if your family grows.

A good home lift will be with you the rest of your life, and it’s worth talking over the space you might need for wheelchairs and other devices in the future.

These standard dimensions should be familiar to any legitimate architect or contractor. A good contractor should be able to suggest how to best incorporate these dimensions into the design of your home.

What Size Is Right For Your Home?

Not all homes have the space to install a standard-sized elevator. Elevator installation companies understand this. Many offer a variety of designs intended to fit the more compact spaces of a personal home.

Glass or shaftless elevators, for example, have specific designs that allow more flexibility in space without losing the benefits of their transport capabilities.

They are incredibly flexible in both size and placement, making them a perfect fit for home with a design that may be overwhelmed by a traditional elevator.

The small size of these lifts allow them to be placed in spots you may not have thought having an elevator was possible. For example, a popular spot for glass lift elevators is actually directly in the middle of a staircase.

All aspects of the design of these lifts are intended to fit better with the space of your home– even the doors can be built to open in a way that best benefits the layout of one’s home.

These elevators all still abide by the required regulations but have the added bonus of personalization and optimization to one’s individual home.

Considering Elevator Dimensions

While you do need to keep in mind elevator dimensions when planning for a residential lift in your home, there’s no reason they should cause any stress in your planning.

A good elevator manufacturer can suggest how best to incorporate these dimensions with your home. They can make a lift feel like a comfortable and beautiful addition.

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