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Lifts for every application

Cibes no-pit, screw driven type lift can be divided into three main categories:

Platform lifts, Cabin lifts and Accessibility lifts. Because our lifts require very little structural alteration and construction, they can be placed in any building such as multi-story homes, duplexes, villas, and public buildings.

Cibes A5000

Key features

No pit, no machine room and space saving, all with a beautiful appearance.

  • Comes with 3600 panoramic glass shaft or steel shaft.
  • Small footprint, big interior space.
  • Can be installed anywhere, perfect fit for the middle of the staircase.
  • Flexible direction of how the door opens.
  • World’s leading developer and supplier of screw driven home lifts for the past 40 years. 100% manufactured and imported from Sweden.
  • Direct sales to market.
  • No overhead required.
  • Can be installed indoor or outdoor.
  • Does not destroy construction of building.
  • Fast installation of about 7-15 days.