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Cibes A4000 home lift

The most installable home lift. Suitable for installing into the most tiny spaces where traditional lifts can’t go. Cibes A4000 platform lift has a small footprint of 1 square meter, for loads up to 300 kg and 3 persons. Perfect for when you have no space for a lift but must have one!

Key features for Cibes A4000

  • »Only 1 square m footprint
  • »Perfect choice when you have very little space
  • »Choice of all glass shaft
  • »Low maintenance and service cost
  • »Easy to install
Cibes A4000 Platform Lift

Furnish with a lift!

Customize your lift to fit into your home!

Cibes A4000 in private villa in Beijing

A4000 is our smallest platform lift. This lift is installed in the middle of a staircase and it fits perfectly in this limited space. Cibes A4000 can be installed where no other lift will fit. Beautiful, elegant and practical. 100% manufactured and imported from Sweden.

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