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Cibes A6000S cabin lift

Cibes A6000S Cabin Classic is the perfect fusion between a platform lift and a cabin lift. A6000S Cabin Classic offers you all the comforts of a cabin, while maintaining all the major platform lift advantages, such as the integrated machine room, reduced head room and floor recess. Equipped with swing-doors on the landings and folding doors for the cabin, this lift model operates with auto-run. A simple and elegant solution.

Key features for Cibes A6000S

  • »Cabin lift to be installed as a free-standing unit
  • »Swing-doors on the landings, folding door in cabin
  • »Auto-run controls on landings and in cabin
  • »Cabin equipped with LED spotlights as standard
  • »All elements necessary for installation are included in the price, even the lift shaft
Cibes A6000S cabin lift

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Cibes A6000S in the Netherlands

The perfect cabin lift solution, including its own shaft. Our Cibes A6000S is pretty much the world’s most efficient space utilizing cabin lifts regardless of technology!

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