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Cibes A8000 platform lift

The large platform and capacity makes this lift ideal for carrying heavy loads. Unlike conventional lifts, Cibes A8000 requires no major structural changes or adaptations, thanks to its integrated machine room and the minimal head room and floor recess needed. If you need a large and powerful lift, which is fast and easy to install, Cibes A8000 could be the lift for you.

Key features for Cibes A8000

  • »Extra large screw driven platform lift
  • »Can take 8-10 people and large items such as hospital beds etc
  • »Ideal for large homes and public buildings
  • »No major structural changes necessary when installed
  • »Lifting capacity: Up to 1000 kg
Cibes A8000 Platform Lift

Furnish with a lift!

Customize your lift to fit into your home!
  • Cibes A8000 in commercial building in Sweden

    The largest screw driven platform lift in the world. Fits beautifully into its environment.
  • Cibes A8000 in commercial area in Sweden

    Extra large screw driven lift. Made in Sweden.
  • Cibes A8000 in residential building in Sweden

    Blends into its environment. Great function for the tenants of this two story building.
  • Cibes A8000 in residential building in Sweden

    Extremely safe and easy to operate for any age! A robust platform lift designed and dimensioned for loads up to 1000 kg.

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