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Cibes Lift AB Expands by Establishing a New Office in Norway

Cibes Lift Group establishes a new office in Norway, Cibes Lift Norge AS. The expansion is part of the Group’s efforts to become a leading supplier of platform lifts in Europe. Cibes Lift Norge AS is Norway’s direct selling provider of Cibes Lift products and services. Since the mid-90’s the company has delivered platform lifts in large numbers to Norway where Cibes Lifts products are well represented.

By establishing Cibes Lift Norge AS, we broaden the accessibility and strengthen our competitive presence in the Norwegian market. This acquisition accelerates its growth potential and gives us an even stronger position as the leading supplier of platform lifts to the construction sector. Cibes Lift Norge AS has a strong focus on the entire Norwegian market, says Mats Engblom, CEO of Cibes Lift Group.

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