Cibes Lift expands with a new subsidiary in France

Cibes Lift France open it’s headquarter in Lille from September 2015

Le groupe suédois Cibes Lift Group, leader européen dans la fabrication et la commercialisation d’ascenseurs à basse vitesse poursuit son déploiement international en s’implantant en France. The Swedish Company Cibes Lift AB, one of the European leader in manufacturing and marketing of low-speed lift solutions continues its international expansion by establishing in France. Et c’est à Roncq dans la métropole lilloise que la filiale Cibes Lif France a élu domicile. The new subsidiary Cibes Lift France is housed in the commune Roncq, Lille. Le démarrage de l’activité est prévu pour l’été 2015 et prévoit l’embauche de 20 collaborateurs d’ici 2017.By 2017 the company plans to have 20 employees. With 5 bilingual sales representatives at the end of 2015, to reach a commercial hit.

To provide “accessibility for everyone everywhere” is the vision of the company Cibes Lift Group

From the start atCréé en 1947, le groupe connait une forte croissance et atteint un chiffre d’affaires de 50 millions d’euros en 2014, employant plus de 200 employés répartis entre 9 pays : Suède, Norvège, Finlande, Chine, Hollande, Belgique, Royaume Uni, Pologne et désormais la France 1947, the group has experienced strong growth and reached a turnover of € 50 million in 2014, over 200 employees are spread across 9 countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland, China, Holland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain and now France. A network of over 200 distributors enables global coverage of nearly 50 countries.

“We have been present in France for several years through a network of distributors. The next step, to acquire a French anchor, came naturally as we need to improve our visibility and boost our sales in France. The goal is to triple the volume of current sales within three years by focusing first on the “Far North” of France, then extend to other major cities: Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille” says Frédéric Lecoeuvre, the new Manager at Cibes Lift France.

The reasons to an establishment in the region Lille in Alsace where several; the proximity to the Belgian and Dutch Cibes subsidiaries and the economic dynamism of Lille and its region. « “The feeling of loneliness is palpable when you arrive into a new ecosystem for that reason we have started a partnership with the business development consulting “Lille agency” who has played an important role as creator of opportunities” says Frédéric Lecoeuvre.

Président de Lille’s Agency se félicite de l’arrivée de Cibes Lift France, entreprise à capitaux étrangers et leader dans son domaine. Luc Doublet, president of Lille’s Agency, welcomes the arrival of Cibes Lift France. Il souligne que les investissements suédois ne sont pas assez représentés sur notre territoire d’où l’importance d’une agence comme Lille’s Agency qui détecte et accompagne ces projets de développement internationaux.He emphasized that Swedish investments are not so intensely common in the territory, hence the importance of these international development projects.

Vincent Ledoux, Mayor of Roncq is happy to count Cibes Lift France among the other 650 companies installed in Roncq. CIBES Lift France will be the second Swedish company in town, beside Arjo Huntleigh, and can count on the local government to help them to expend their business.

Cibes Lift France is based on three values that make the brand success:

  • Un design intemporel, Timeless design
  • Une qualité scandinave irréprochable, Scandinavian impeccable quality
  • Une politique de développement durable. A sustainable development policy

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