Cibes Lift Group expands with a new subsidiary in Germany

Cibes Lift Deutschland GmbH opens in Germany in September 2018

Germany is already our 3rd biggest market and with a growing potential within residential the (private) segment we want to ensure a better market presence to reach full business potential. Germany is one of the largest markets in Europe with 80 million inhabitants and platform lifts are more familiar than in many other countries due to a long-term focus on accessibility. Cibes Lift Group expands with the opening of Cibes Lift Deutschland GmbH by September 2018.


The aim of the new German subsidiary is to secure and substantially increase the business in Germany together with our German distribution partners.


At Cibes Lift Group, we continue our international expansion by establishing in Germany.


To make this into a commercial hit, we need to adopt to market needs, preferences and conditions and modify our solutions and business model. For that reason, we need to be closer to the customers to be able to support with the right services.


“We have been present in Germany for several years through a network of distributors. This next step, to acquire a German anchor, came naturally as we need to improve our visibility and boost our sales in Germany. The goal is to triple the volume of current sales within three years by an extension to major cities: Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin and Münich”, says Chris Roggeband, the Sales & Marketing Manager at Cibes Lift Group AB.–

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