Cibes Lift takes you to the top during the Ski World Championships in Falun 2015

This week the Ski World Championships 2015 have started up at Lugnet in the city Falun. Since the stadium was built in the 70’s, the ski jump towers have been the most famous landmarks in the region. For this Ski World Championship Falun has invested in developing the sporting facilities into a full-scale attraction, both winter and summer, with among other things a new lookout point.

The lookout point is positioned on top of the tallest jumping tower (52 meters), where you travel last part with a Cibes A5000 platform lift. The lift goes from the location at which the conventional elevator stops, 11 meters further up to the lookout point. A robust platform lift solution with a rated load of up to 400 kg (5 persons) makes it possible to ride up; even the contestants can fit their long skis (body length plus 70 cm).

Cibes Lift is a proud supplier of lifts for this arena, where the benefit of lifts becomes so obvious. Now the view from the tower is available for everyone. The sporting facilities and the ski jumping towers are open for visitors after the competitions, every weekday, daytime. Just make an appointment.

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Johnny Eriksson, Sales Executive Sweden, tel: 026-17 14 00

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