Cibes release new Cabin lifts; Cibes A6000-Cibes A6000S

Cibes Lift is launching two new lift models; Cibes A6000 and Cibes A6000S, both with a screw drive technology. The new models replace the previous Cibes A6000. The new Cibes A6000 is a complement to our total lift assortment, a cabin for existing shafts and Cibes A6000S with updated design including a shaft. Both models are spacious and elegant Cabin lifts that offer perfect accessibility for public, commercial and private buildings.

Cibes A6000 is a cabin lift designed to fit into existing shafts. The lift is a space-efficient and cost-effective solution, a requested complement to Cibes wide range of products. The lift car is fully equipped for comfort with automatic sliding doors and auto-run drive.

Cibes A6000S is delivered with shaft, a swing door on the landing and a folding door in the lift car. The machine room is integrated. The lift shaft is made of steel panels that can be painted. The lift can be customized with different shaft doors, options and colours to fit your specific requirements.

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