New lift solution will make city life easier

Getting through a normal day in the town is not that easy for everyone. In many places, being unable to climb a couple of steps means it is impossible for people with disabilities to participate in society on equal terms. Cibes Lift wants its new lift solution SWING ON® , launched this week, to contribute to increased accessibility and a simpler everyday life.

SwingOn is a specially-designed lift solution that can be used both outdoors and indoors, and thus significantly increase accessibility. The lift starts from its parked position folded up against a wall, folds out and can rotate around a corner so the user can get past level differences or up a staircase. Operating the lift is performed in a steady, safe and smooth fashion so that passengers can calmly move themselves over or past an obstacle. For Cibes Lift, ease of use, ease of operation and high safety levels are high-priority areas.

SwingOn is part of the Cibes Lift range of city features. This lift solution is suited to public, commercial and private environments for height differences of up to 500 mm. In the parked position, it juts a discrete 250 mm out from the wall, which means free passage when the lift is not in operation.

“With SwingOn, storeowners and others can quickly and easily meet accessibility needs while successfully expanding their customer base,” says Börje Fransson, Sales and Marketing Manager at Cibes Lift.

“An installation of SwingOn takes just a few hours onto a wall or a sturdy, free-standing support. The design is robust and all parts are easily accessible for maintenance. SwingOn has a modern motor that provides smooth, safe motion. The product can also be monitored via wifi,” says Trygve Niemi, Product Development Manager at Cibes Lift.

“With our long experience of urban adaptation, we have developed a solution that we believe in. This elevator solution is a practical alternative to bulky ramps,” asserts Börje Fransson.

Facts Swing On

  • Robust, safe design
  • Swedish design and quality
  • Small footprint, only 250 mm from the wall
  • Quiet, smooth operation
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Designed for harsh outdoor environments
  • Maximum weight 300 kg
  • Lifting height 0.5 m

This lift solution has been developed in a collaborative effort between Cibes Lift and the product development company Creator and will now be launched in October 2015 at Interlift, the international elevator exhibition in Augsburg, Germany.

For more information, please contact

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